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2020.3.7 - 4.5


Samson Young: Close Reading

We organized and managed the first contemporary art project at Ryosokuin. The exhibition features an installation work consisting of painting, sound, and sculpture by Hong Kong-based composer/artist Samson Young (楊嘉輝).  


In planning the project, Young stayed at Ryosokuin Temple and attempted to interpret the passage of time and activities at the temple. Young, who holds a doctorate in composition from Princeton University in the United States, was raised under the influence of Christianity and has a deep knowledge of Western classical music, even though he has no religious affiliation of his own.


From the classical to the contemporary, Young, although an oriental, was educated in the West and understands Western art and culture. In this exhibition, he interprets Zen, which developed in the Tang and Song dynasties and was introduced to Japan in the Kamakura period (1185-1333), with a modern sensibility, and expresses it through his five senses and in the current environment of the temple grounds.

Period: March 7-April 5, 2020

Venue: Ryosokuin

Participating artist: Samson Young  

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