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丗|SEI Kyoto

​Salon and Residence

The architect Ryue Nishizawa renovationed this 100-year-old machiya in Kyoto with sukiya craftsmen, facing the traditions of machiya

Open to the public during exhibitions and other events.

ADDRESS:Kyoto, Japan

PARKING:Please use nearby parking lots.


丗|SEI Kyoto photo: Kenichi Suzuki


丗|SEI Taiza

The 60-year-old Tango Chirimen (silk) factory presents an intriguing opportunity to explore new horizons in textiles. Plans are underway to transform it into the first art gallery in Taiza, promising a vibrant space dedicated to showcasing art and innovation. 


Open to the public during exhibitions and other events.

ADDRESS:3329 Taiza Tangocho, Kyotango

PARKING:There is no parking available. Please use the nearby Shiroshima Park parking lot.

丗|SEI Taiza photo: Noboru Morikawa


Gallery 丗|SEI


Presenting art, crafts, and culinary experiences through 丗|SEI ’s unique perspective—embracing the present and envisioning the future.

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・Koh Kado(Kamisoe)

・Shuji Nakagawa

・Akio Niisato

・Satoshi Sato(PONTE)

・Takahiro Yagi(Kaikado)

Exhibition "Rei Naito" photo: Noboru Morikawa

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