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Oh, Nature! Thinker’s Cabin, Kyoto

This exhibition represents an effort to promote awareness, through the arts, of contemporary Japanese aesthetics and philosophy, as informed by the way we live, and the knowledge and technology we use, while amplifying the importance of leaving the next generation a livable society, but it is also a collective conversation, between architects, artisans, chefs, and artists, about the richness of the gorgeous natural landscape of Japan.    


What must be done to guarantee that the beauty of the natural world survives into the future? What role can the creative and cultural pursuits of architecture, craftwork, cooking and art play in combating energy issues, depleting supplies of water, environmental pollution, and other societal problems at the global level? If we want to build a more hopeful society through art, with an aim towards peace, how should we live our lives today? What responsibilities should each of us take on? What actions do we need to take? In thinking through these questions, we came up with a new kind of a space we like to call the “Thinker’s Cabin,” as a new approach to life.    

Period: February 11, 2022 - March 21, 2022  

Venue: 丗|SEI

Participating artists: Ryue Nishizawa, Do Ho Suh, Yoshihiro Suda, Teresita Fernández, Samson Young, Koh Kado, Satoshi Sato, Shuji Nakagawa, Akio Niisato



Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2020




<Related Events>

1) Exhibition "TODAY FIELD"  

The exhibition will be held at PONTE in Gion and Kamisoe in Nishijin by the founding members who decided that "today" must be cultivated in order to realize TOMORROW FIELD.

Works by Satoshi Sato and Akio Niisato will be exhibited and sold at PONTE, and works by Koh Kado and Shuji Nakagawa will be exhibited and sold at Kamisoe.    


Period: February 11 - February 27, 2022

Venue: PONTE, Kamisoe (free admission)  ​ ​ ​




2) TODAY and TOMORROW FIELD Special Dinner 

Special dinner party will be held at the Italian restaurant cenci in Kyoto, where artists of glass, wood, ceramics and karakami will set up the space. Dishes made from the rich ingredients of Kyotango will be served on glassware by Satoshi Sato, wood by Shuji Nakagawa, and ceramics by Akio Niisato, and these three dishes will be given as souvenirs.

The proceeds will be donated to TOMORROW, a non-profit organization, to cover the costs of production, management, and workshops for children and students in the TOMORROW FIELD project in progress in Kyotango.  


Period : March 6, 2022 (Sun) 17:00- (Sat) 

Venue: cenci

Participation fee: 50,000 yen per person (tax included, with pairing, includes a souvenir bowl)      

Capacity: 20 people

General registration from January 21 (Fri.)

Please contact us at this e-mail address.





3) Seasonal Sweets  

Time to enjoy the exhibition with art talk, warm drinks, and delicious sweets. Yoshihiro Ishida, mochi maker “Shizuku” in Kishiwada, offers seasonal sweets inspired by the concept of "Off-grid. Less is more."  


Off-grid: Special sweets inspired by SEI's salon space and the concept and protocol of the Thinker's Cabin. A clean and sustainable honey daifuku that can produce energy efficiently in the body.      


Date & Time: Sunday, February 27, 13:00-16:00                             Sunday, March 6, 12:30-15:30  

Capacity: 4 people (per 45 minutes)  

Participation fee: 3,500 yen

(includes viewing fee for the丗|SEI, mochi, and tea)        ​


<Confections to Take Home>

Only those who attend this event can order 3 pieces each of “Organic Strawberry Daifuku”, "Soil", and "Framboise" (2,000 yen / tax included).    


“Organic Strawberry Daifuku”: The most difficult food in the world to make with only natural ingredients, "Strawberry Daifuku" is made with only organic ingredients.

"Soil": The diameter of the earth is 12,742 km. The soil that makes a field possible is only a few meters long compared to the membrane that covers the earth. This is a confection of the soil that nurtures life.

"Framboise": A signature product of the famous mochi maker, Shizuku. ​ ​ ​

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