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Taku Satoh: Make Yourself at Home

For this project, the Entrance Lounge was transformed into a park-like room, envisioned by graphic designer Taku Satoh on the theme “a place for communication.” Satoh proposed the use of tatami mats made by Kyoto-based Setsuo Takamuro, a tatami maker who manufactures mats for the tea-ceremony houses of the Omotesenke. The platform underneath was built by Takaaki Yamamoto of Yamamoto Kogyo, who builds many traditional sukiya houses.  

By using the finest-quality, hand-dyed indigo linen to trim the tatami, the exhibition demonstrated Takamuro’s intention to share the true comfort that a good tatami could provide. For the platform, a special kind of timber that Yamamoto Kogyo had carefully preserved for years was used. This exquisite space allowed students and visitors to spend time relaxing and physically experiencing the richness of traditional craft techniques.    




Date: April 2 – August 29, 2013  

Venue: Entrance Lounge, 1F Ningenkan, Kyoto University of the Arts

Organizer: Kyoto University of the Arts

Cooperation: Taku Satoh Design Office Inc. (Taku Satoh, Kaoru Machida)  

Installation: Takamuro Tatami Kogyosho (Setsuo Takamuro), Yamamoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Takaaki Yamamoto)  

Curator: Kayo Tokuda (WATER AND ART)

Associated Events  

Panel Discussion “The Possibilities of an Artisan’s Technique and Design”  

Taku Satoh (graphic designer) x Setsuo Takamuro (tatami maker) x Hidetoshi Nakata (chairman of TAKE ACTION FOUNDATION) with moderator Yuji Akimoto (Director of the Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo)  

Saturday, June 29, 2013 13:00-14:30  

First floor of Botenkan, Kyoto University of the Arts


“Talk more while having tea”  

“Seasonal Sweets” specially created for the exhibition by Suetomi, a confectionery in Kyoto, and green tea from Ippodo, a Kyoto tea store, were served to the audience in the exhibition space.      

Photo: Satoshi Asakawa

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