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Toyo Ito: Cave of Books

The exhibition Cave of Books, designed by architect Toyo Ito, originated in his desire to make “the art university into a … jungle of intelligence.” A space resembling a cave, which referenced Ito’s design of the Taichung National Theater, Taiwan, materialized in the Entrance Lounge.  

The space symbolized the cave as a primeval space, into which a symbol of intelligence (a library) was inserted in hopes of promoting the birth of new intellectuality. A variety of books were selected to comprise a “Growing Bookshelf” from categories such as the natural sciences, sociology, and environmental issues, among many others, based on the idea that any mystery of the world could be the subject of creation.  

During this exhibition, a workshop entitled “Let’s Explore in the Books” was held for children attending “Children’s University,” an art school for pre-elementary school children from three years old located in the Kyoto University of the Arts.     



Date: April 10 - August 30, 2012

Venue: Entrance Lounge, 1F Ningenkan, Kyoto University of the Arts

Cooperation: Toyo Ito and Associates, Architects

Organizer: Kyoto University of the Arts

Curator: Kayo Tokuda (WATER AND ART)

Photo: Osamu Watanabe

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